Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sayonara, Chef

Matt and Trey have found a great way to say goodbye to Chef and Isaac Hayes at the same time -- start the new season in media res and make Chef a victim of brainwashing by a secret group called the "Super Adventure Club," who have compelled him to, well, to pretty much molest children.

Ingenious -- they sliced and diced up every lascivious Hayes sound bite from the past nine seasons of South Park to make Chef into a child-sodomizing maniac. "I wanna make love to your... assholes... children!"

A great way to address Scientology's involvement in the Hayes schism, and at the same time send Chef off in the most perverted way possible. What's really fucked up here is how Matt and Trey seem to be the only major media venue that's willing to skullfuck Scientology in the eye socket and then dare it to sue them.