Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Saving all my love for you

I SO wish I was a hanger-on in the Bobby/Whitney household. The British Sun supposedly has great photos of Whitney's crack den in vivid color -- coke spoons, crack pipes, vials, burners... the whole shmear. Awesome. There is also 'sposed to be a steady stream of dealers coming in and out of the house to supply Whitney with a constant supply of 8-balls.

Why would I want to be part of this depravity? I would walk off with so much shit while this circus is going on that I would probabkly be able to pay off my student loans in 45 minutes. I gots to get my ass down to Hotlanta, because I want to haul away armfuls of Von Dutch trucker caps and the keys to the Lincoln Navigator, if it hasn't already been picked clean by Bobbi-Kris. She's probably already siphoned the tank to trade the gas for Seven jeans.