Saturday, March 25, 2006

Social skewerers

Well, gee whiz! Was I ever late to the party! I haven't read this anywhere yet, but when did "South Park" become such effective brickbat-hurlers at organized religion? I don't see anyone else with a major media venue doing the hard work -- honestly deconstructing belief systems. I only just watched the "All About Mormon" and "Trapped in a Closet" episodes, and really appreciate the depths to which Matt and Trey went to debunk Mormon and Scientology.

They aren't lazy batting these things around -- they are pointedly dismantling each belief system's central tenets. Maybe there's more examples of this out there in the "South Park" run, but I haven't seen them yet. Matt and Trey are highly underrated comedic talents, and any chatter about "South Park" being irrelevant is wildly inaccurate.

Seriously -- golden plates? Joseph Smith? Seer stones? Why hasn't anyone else took a piss on Mormon in such a visible fashion before? Jehovah's Witnesses, you're next. Fuck you, and your no-birthday-parties.