Monday, March 06, 2006

Super Bowl on the home field

When does L.A. feel electric? Well, everyday, sure... but Oscar Sunday in Hollywood is like putting your hand on a bunch of exposed wiring at the corner of Hollywood and Highland and getting your ass blown out of your shoes and thrown through the marquee at Grauman's.

This shot above is an hour before we crashed the gates and got as close to the red carpet as the po-po would allow. (The red circle emphasizes the location of the Kodak Theatre.) The shot below is the best image of a carpetgoer I could score -- eventual Best Director winner Ang Lee.

Actually watched the show with some friends up in Burbank. So, how was the show itself? I think Stewie was a little tentative, and I don't think the crowd greeted him very warmly -- his best joke was the Bjork's dress/Cheney gag. The Three-Six Mafia rapping over interpretive dance was an embarrassment for Gil Cates, but their win was actually great. Could go on and on... it was great to be in L.A. for this thing.

Next order of bidness: How to get Gil Cates to relinquish the production duties entirely.