Monday, March 27, 2006

"I moved here to get away
from people like you."

Ron Luce, a devout Christian-type, is staging an assembly called "Battle Cry for a Generation" in San Francisco. Ostensibly, he says it's a repudiation of sex- and materialism-drenched popular culture, but the location he's chosen can't be a coincidence. There is most certainly a anti-gay undertone to this shindig -- why else stage a Christian thingie in (arguably) the most liberal, progressive city in the U.S.?

The city elders have already jumped on an advance condemnation, which is a little harsh and preemptive. Maybe not the right way to go tonally, but I see what they're thinking.

I guess what bothers me about this Luce character is the way he embellishes all his language with combat/war metaphors: "This is more than a spiritual war, it's a culture war.... An enemy has launched a brutal attack on [the children]." Such strident language never helps, as it's always intended as a provocation.

Nevertheless, I loved the quote from a San Fran resident at a counter-rally who had a sign that read, "I moved here to get away from people like you."