Monday, January 16, 2006

Cold opening

Saturday Night Live led off this past weekend's show with an unprecedented "TV Funhouse" cartoon - and a funny one at that, featuring a Pat Robertson children's Bible group where he explains how God struck down not only Ariel Sharon, but also Lou Rawls, Dick Clark, and others suffering calamity in the last few weeks. I can only guess that this decision was in predicated by the response to the claymation TV Funhouse they ran in the Jack Black ep "Christmastime For the Jews". Also noted was the early/often appearances of Andy Samberg, SNL's new pop-culture hero. Don't be surprised to see him boink in often throughout the remainder of the season.

As for the host, ScarJo was game and giving, a real sport. She and her rack gave their all, and she showed off comedic chops in the "Sweet 16" and "Chandelier World" sketches.

Also, it's time to spike the "Taco Town" commercial. Its third rerun was staler than stale, bitches.