Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I see Nixzmary's family members and family friends in front of every TV camera and tabloid reporter who came to the girl's funeral, weeping about how she was an angel and how she was taken from them by a monster.

How is it that nobody inside stopped the torture before she died?

Can't blame a municipal agency for a child's death - by default, it's too complex a thing to legislate/moderate bureaucratically. Besides, an agency will do just about anything other than remove a child from a biological parent, no matter how bad the abuse gets (sadly). Or, they will do nearly nothing at all, which is what happened here.

On Nixaliz Santiago: Twenty years after Lisa Steinberg and Hedda Nussbaum, the battered woman rationale doesn't seem enough to spare you from legal punishment, even though I'm positive you've lived a punishing life thus far. Nameless and indescribable things happened in that house, things that switched off a mother's child-preservation instinct - another great tragedy among tragedies.

No amount of punishment to either Santiago or Cesar Rodriguez will undo the damage to that dead girl.