Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Scene from a livery cab

Getting a ride from a garrulous EMT who moonlights as a livery driver, on Sunday night:

"This one night this guy is getting angry at me on the way back from Newark airport because his plane is late, so he's calling me 'nigger,' and blaming me for the flight being late, and yelling at me and giving me abuse, which isn't right, so I just drop him off on the side of the road and tell him to wait for another car to pick him up, because I don't have to have to take that abuse and listen to the 'n' word about the color of my skin."

A few beats pass by...

"But I got into an accident recently, and I was told to get a lawyer, so I got the best lawyer, you want to know why my lawyer is? I got a Jewish lawyer, and they're the BEST lawyers because they suck 'em dry for all their money, so I got a lot of money from the settlement. You ever need a lawyer, make sure you get a Jewish lawyer."