Monday, January 23, 2006

Reinforcing what we already know

I love this whole Heather Graham canceled-sitcom dealie going on over there at the Alphabet. The AP story says it all: Why throw (literally) millions into an ad campaign to plaster this show all over town, only to yank it after one showing? Is the gulf between creative and marketing over at ABC so wide that no one actually WATCHED the show they had so much "faith" in?

What's most satisfying about this imbroglio are the twin sounds from the initial *thud* of this thing slapping the marble tile after critics caught sight of it, and then the *plunge* as an entire season of the show was tossed over into the murky drink by clueless programming execs.

Of course, there is also the obviousnesshood that Heather Graham has the thespianic ability of a bale of flax, and that aside from her relentlessly yoga-ed rack, Hollywood can't find a place to put her where viewers will actually want to see her. I mean, if The Eye can find a way to sell JLH to the "Diagnosis Murder" crowd, surely there must be some conceptual genius who can work a miracle with the equally limpid and flavorless Graham.

Not that she even deserves it -- I mean, how can a flick like "Killing Me Softly," directed by the estimable Chen Kaige and LOADED with full frontal from Heather, go straight to DVD? I'm guessing it wasn't the Joe Fiennes snakebite at work.