Tuesday, January 10, 2006


All this J.T. Leroy and James Frey stuff is making my head spin. Maybe it's because I live with an author who has a lot riding on bookbuyers' consumer confidence. Maybe it's because there is a (presumed) faking of AIDS, which has been a hot-button topic at the homestead these days. Also, I started thinking about Stephen Glass and his attempt at capitalizing on his fabulism in The Fabulist, which if I recall correctly, was not fabulously received.

I guess this is also a way to recommend Billy Ray's 2003 flick Shattered Glass, a suspenseful yarn of deceit and lies. Deceit and lies, I say!

There is also the meanie-gene inside me that wants to squash Frey and the Leroy fabricators beneath a falling piano... I don't think we have a satisfactory organ in society to shame people like this. What's worse, they've already made trillions of dollars off of us - so it seems the jackasses win.