Thursday, January 19, 2006

What about Emmett?

Emmett McCarthy seems very competent and talented, if not a little nonplussed by some of the stitching he was having to do to compete in a little thing we like to call "Project Runway." Nonetheless, he struck me as something of a maverick, even in a program all fulls-up with mavericks. I don't think that either of these two seasons has ever featured a menswear designer (which, it seems, was the aspect that might have figured towards his downfall in this week's ice-skating leotard ep).

His head-tipped-down stride, the pitched cap, the lanky build (homeboy even made the electric magenta ice-skater smock work)... all very interesting - it makes me wonder what his designs look like. More to the point, I want samples. If you've Googled yourself, Emmett, and are reading this folderol, know that I've signed up for your e-mail newsletter and will pay a visit to your shingle in NoLIta as soon as you get it up and running. This may look like naked greed/begging, but I prefer to think of it as synergy, in the best Abramoffian sense of the word.