Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Fusion reaction

My hippocampus is vibrating at the thought of synthesizing the twin newses that KFed is inventing a new word to sing about – "PopoZão" – and that La Lindz indeed admits to the obvious bulemia she was parading in the public spotlight, along with a soupçon of drug use (although she actually declines to get specific).

Lindz, you can't get cagey when admitting to coke, pot, etc. - let us know everything, babe. My career advice for you: Herbie: I am Loaded tanqued, so it's time to reinvent yourself. Drop the Nabokovian schtick and go balls-out Tara Reid on us. We don't want humble and deferring; we want "asthma attacks" and wardrobe malfunctions. BTW, I know you want to be all hard and shit, but when the spiciest substance you actually publicly admit to taking is a blood-orange mojito when, in reality, you've dusted every toilet lid from Canal to 23rd, there's a bit of a disconnect.

KFed, y'all are on your own for advice, Broseph.