Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The King of Broken Lives

I think about how Budweiser, the country's best selling form of alcohol, must be at heart of countless beatings, cheatings, and emotionally hurtful whatnots. Since a great many folks use the juice to self-medicate, and seeing as to how ’Weiser is practically a cousin to many families, I can't see how getting sauced off the longneck bottle in the USA and hitting your wife wouldn't be intertwined. It's a fraud that liquor is somehow exempt from being thought of as a so-called "bad drug" in our Puritanically-obsessed "bad drug" culture. Moreso, Bud consumption seems encouraged... thus the calculus of what happens to people after the buzz is get-on (more to the abused than the abuser) seems eerily simple.

So thanks, Budweiser, for creating future abusive drunks tomorrow in the crucible of Bud-drunk-terrorized homes today.