Monday, January 16, 2006

Misdirected attention

Don't know if I can entirely support the 2006 raft of Golden Globies, if only because they point the way for Oscar. As much as I liked "Brokeback Mountain," I didn't see it as having a huge "Best Picture" pedigree, save Ang Lee's direction. It was good, but it also felt like a "small" movie... but I suppose after "Million Dollar Scabees" last year, the Academy electorate will quizzically give Oscars to any old bag of shit that they seem to fancy when the ballots drop in. (I refer you to Inside the Hollywood Star Chamber at Fametracker for more insight into the complex voting process.)

What we're really trying to say is, "Yeah, we at the Salad Bowl are still mightily bitterly angrily over the nigh-complete Oscar blackballing of 'Sideways,' far and away the best flick made over the past two years. Or, as my editor calls it, 'The wine movie.' "