Monday, January 02, 2006

Serenity now

I'm not part of the Whedon cult, but I have to say that Serenity was nifty - if only for the inclusion of space-zombies, as my domestic wife-ner points out. (Big undead enthusiasts here... we can't wait for H5N1 to wipe out populations and return them to us in lumbering, brain-tissue hungering condition.)

Not to overanalyze him or anything, but Joss Whedon pretty much synthesizes every scrap of matter in the pop culture-ganglion of his brain in creating his own entertaining confections; indeed, here he has created a space-western that might as well be called, "Millennium Falcon: The Series." He extracted the most vivid aspects of Star Wars and ran with it, to the point where there is an entire crew of Han Solos - or at least characters who each represent a facet of Harrison Ford's performance.

And, in so reducing this, I get a little bothered that I hadn't thought of it first.