Tuesday, January 31, 2006


That's the part that's tough to saw through. When you feel a twinge up in your shoulder banging away at that cocksucker, that's when you've hit the trochanter. Fucking meatus -- that shit is practically spongiform bone matter, just canules in a calciform matrix. The meatus is for pussies. I can buzz my way through that bitch in five minutes. It's when you hit the goddamn trochanter that you get your shit fucked up. I can barely see where the guide-groove in the bone I already started is in the piss-poor light thrown off by these fucking Hyundai headlights. This time, I gotta throw my whole shoulder into the motion, get about an inch or two into that cocksucker until I hit that platelet marrow -- like a soft piece of steak tartare at the core of the taupe shaft-head. Got you, you bastard -- I feel the cold splatter of gamma globulin-rich fluid up on my wrist. Yeah, that sawblade dips through that sumbitch now like a boiled-hot garrotte wire through a frozen windpipe. All I have to do is work on the metaphysis next with that cobalt-bit drill, and then I'm halfway home to countersinking these deadbolts into the diaphysis.