Monday, January 09, 2006


INT: A sun-dappled office, mid-day Sunday. BILL sits tapping away at iMac, and in walks MINKY.

MINKY: Meow.

BILL: Hey Mink, what's going on?

MINKY: I was just out here playing with that plastic binding strip from the package you guys got a month ago...

BILL: Right - you and Velvet really look into that.

MINKY: Yeah, it's bunches of fun. Actually, Poppy, I actually came into here to ask you something.

BILL: Well, what's on your mind, Mink?

MINKY: It's not like I can read or anything, but from what I hear you and Mommy talking about, there's a lot of blogging between the two of you.

BILL: Sure, something your mother and I are both enjoying at the moment.

MINKY: OK, but from what I can tell, there's very little about me up there that doesn't involve some sort of shame.


MINKY: Yeah. (grooms himself)

BILL: And you feel that's unfair.

MINKY: Wouldn't you?

BILL: What would you prefer?

MINKY: Again, I can't really read, but I bet you're punching up some hagiography of Leonard Nimoy into that computer-thingie up there with my noseprints on it.

BILL: That's... uh... no. Um... it's about DeForest Kelly - how did you know that?

MINKY: Please. I may have a pointy grey head and a brain the size of a walnut, but you're not that sly as bipeds go. We took prop bets against future Pounce treat allowances last week over which ’80s cartoon whose instant nostalgia you would rail against first. Leo guessed "Silverhawks," and won.

BILL: I thought you said you couldn't read?

MINKY: I can't, but Velvet's time on Mommy's lap in front of her iBook is paying off... when she's able to stop chasing the cursor. (rolls on back and stretches)

BILL: What's your point?

MINKY: I have two. First, I'd like to see more Mink-positive posts.

BILL: And?

MINKY: And I'd like - we'd ALL like - if you'd play with us with that red laser pointer Mommy keeps hidden.

BILL: You get all baseheaded up when I take that thing out.

MINKY: Do you want to sleep past 5:30 any morning this week?

BILL: (beat) Go to your room.