Sunday, January 22, 2006

Peter Sarsgaard was tentative

Peter Sarsgaard didn't seem to be the ideal host coming into Saturday Night Live, and the suspicion was to be borne out pretty quickly. He had a sporting opening monologue where he sent up his rep for portraying creepy, edgy loners, but afterwards, it went downhill. I would usually be prone to blaming some of the loss leaders on staff (Finesse, Horatio) for blowing the odd skit or two, but Sarsgaard looked tentative and uncomfortable out there -- it's like asking Gabriel Byrne to introduce the new Busta video on MTV's Direct Effect.

Worse yet, there were a few scenes that were blown by bad camerawork, like the "Cat Fancy" sketch where the boom-mike came into frame (a scene that already seen Sarsgaard blow a few lines) and the hotel TV sketch, where you actually saw a GRIP'S HEAD come into view as he was dropping a prop into the scene.

Also, wondering why they resurrected Horatio's blowsy blonde, Carol, from the Colin Farrell orgy sketch last year. It was passable the first time, but DOA this time. Have to call shenanigans on the Target clerk character -- it didn't do anything last time, and it was equally inert tonight. And "Gays in Space?" Mortifying and embarrassing, and this was at least the third time we've seen it.

Bright spot -- the Lonely Island guys' Chuck Norris digi short, with MVP Andy Samberg as Chuck hisself. UPDATE: Here is the video... funny as all shite.