Friday, April 07, 2006


Last night, Count Wife-ula was a guest of Air America Radio's "Majority Report" show, as hosted by Janeane Garofalo (a favorite of the SaladBowl for a decade and a half). Usually, she's joined by some bowtie named Sam Seder, but she was flying solo last night. The domestic partner was invited by Janeane's producer to discuss -- what else? -- the BOOK EVERYONE READING THIS SHOULD HAVE ALREADY PURCHASED. Ahem.

We were invited into the Air America studios by the Report's producer Logan, and we chilled in the greenroom (actually painted orange, with green couches) as Janice paced and worked out her yips before showtime. At 9:20 p.m. they pulled her card and in she went -- and out I stayed, ear pressed to the speaker.

Janeane had Janice on for about 25 minutes or so, and they stayed and strayed off topic here and there. The wife was an excellent interviewee; of course, she has been up on stage since she was 23, so she's a nat'ral at this sort of thing. It was great listening to Janice meet her biggest pop-culture hero -- and rap effortlessly with her. The wife makes sounds with her mouth that do, in fact, make her sound like an authority upon what she speaks. Awesome.

As I heard Janeane going to final sign off, thanking Janice for coming on, I darted to the studio door to greet her and tell the wife just how good she sounded (knowing it's impossible to tell when you're in the shit, man). Janice came out, chatting with Janeane.

When Janeane caught sight of me, she looked me up and down (I'm like, three feet taller than the diminutive icon) and said, "So this is the partner, huh? I was expecting someone more punk-rock." (I was wearing tan cords, a blue blazer, open collar, and pocket square -- not exactly CeeBee's material.)

Janice: "The pinstripes hide the fact that's he's the biggest liberal you know."

Janeane: "The pocket square, I suppose, makes you counterculture in this city."

I was just flattered beyond reason that Janeane even regarded me for a second. I had a million little pieces of praise I would have offered given two hours, so I kept the slobber to myself and shook hands. This was an amazing experience, watching the wife knock one oot (for my Canadian readers) of the park.