Tuesday, April 25, 2006


One of the greatest shows of all time (no hyperbole) was Chris Elliott's Fox sitcom "Get a Life." It was also, however, ahead of its time, which is why it only lasted two seasons. In fact, season two was a complete retool from the original premise: 34-year-old guy lives in his parents' basement with few friends in his life and a paper-route as his job. The situationally-conventional first season made way for the big idea of the second season: 34-year-old guy is a tenant of grouchy landlord (Brian Doyle Murray) and lives in a abstract, absurdist world of non-sequiturs and sight-gags.

You can probably see why it was only half as successful as its spiritual progeny "Arrested Development."

Regardless, Chris Elliott really gave into his absurdist streak and tossed a ton of bizarro concepts at the six of us who watched, the most fun of which was the space alien Spewey. He is a ill-tempered, three-foot tall E.T.-like creature who has the tendency to hose down anyone around him with a viscous brown liquid squirted from of a number of snouts all over his head.

The catch is, the spewed liquid was delicious! "Nectar of the gods," Elliott says. (Spewey also emitted a thick foam from a hole that might be reasonably approximated a mouth.) Elliott takes an immediate liking to the violent visitor and named him Spewey, which was actually an acronym for, as Elliott puts it, "Special Person Entering the World... Egg Yolks."

Needless to say, Spewey assaults a bunch of people, hoses them down with nose-goo, and gets beaten to death with a rake by Doyle Murray, having taken all the squirting he can handle. What's more, Doyle Murray decides to broil Spewey and consume him -- a move that dismays Elliott, at least until he's had a taste for himself.

Later that night, as the pair go to make cold Spewey sandwiches, they find that Spewey's remains have healed/cloned themselves back to health. Spewey beats and squirts them one last time before leaving on his spacecraft, only to pour one last violent brown deluge on the pair from the sky. End.

If you ever get the chance, watch this ep. Watch the whole goddamn series.