Monday, April 17, 2006


The Tew Nork Yimes has a story today about the mad spike in gaudy mausoleum sales. The wealthy boomers spoken to in the article are convinced that you can take with you, and they are spending to prove it:

"Some have more square footage than a good-size Manhattan studio apartment, their interiors fitted out with hand-knotted carpets, upholstered benches and nooks for the display of memorabilia. In late 2004, a Southern California family ordered a mausoleum with room for 12 coffins, 20 cremation niches and a patterned marble vestibule."

My favorite quote was from some gorgon named Nancy Lohman, who ruined everybody's day who read the newspaper this morning by saying, "The mausoleum says, 'I'm really significant in this world, I think I'm really significant to my family,' and this is one way to communicate that to the community."

I lift a mug of coffee... start drinking... reach this sentence... *sssppoooffssshhh!!!* (comical spit take)

Somewhere in a subterranean burial plot, Jessica Mitford is spinning at a rate equal to the new centrifuge pioneered by Iran to enrich it's uranium gas.