Friday, April 14, 2006


This one is tough. I just heard that two of my best friends are beginning the process of dissolving their marriage. Yikes.

Theirs was the one I always pointed to. I was really just a kid when I met them, and they seemed to have everything all figured out, all the time. They are (relatively) older and (certainly) smarter than me, and I always thought the best I could do was emulate their thing, because it seemed to work well. Of course, there's also the facts that A.) I'm severely naive, and B.) I only see what I want to see. I have no way of knowing what it looks like from the inside.

Married life is wonderful, and I can't see something happening that would make me feel antagonistic -- seriously antagonistic -- to my puddingwife. But, this is a reminder of how fragile these things can actually be, at least between two humans not sharing the same brainstem.

Feels like a few bricks were chipped away from the bottom today, making the whole structure just a little more unsturdy.