Friday, April 28, 2006

I am a camera

I don't own a digital camera, but I still like to take pictures in my mind. So, I will attempt to explain two photos I took last night and this morning with my eyeshead.

1. The subway station at 14th St./Union Square; a vast expanse of marble floor; harsh lighting; between boxy pillars, there's a crushed handful of Ritz crackers, about five, spread out on the ground; the contrast of color and texture between the crackers and the marble tile is distinct.

2. Out of our 10th floor window; looking down to street level; watching a man wearing a hardhat, goggles, vest, and ventilator moving around inside a full-length dumpster shifting bits of drywall, wood, aluminum trim, and flooring from one side to another; all the while, there's a long, yellow sluice connected to the 8th floor of the building above depositing new, dusty piles of construction waste; the work seems continuous; it's his job to walk around on nails and broken glass all morning.