Thursday, April 27, 2006

Jingo Tower

Work hath beginneth on the monument to interagency squabbling, administrative incompetence (Geo. Pataki), and the lack of servicable ideas -- the Freedom Tower! This is going to go down as the largest clusterfuck-party this city has ever thrown for its inhabitants. The so-called Freedom Tower (which, by the way, will have nothing to do with freedom and everything to do with exclusivity, just like every other square foot of Manhattan) is a bad idea that needs to go away for a goodly number of decades, or at least until we can find a sensible way to use the site for business, pleasure, memorializing, etc.

The mad dash to erect a giant phallus that's 1,776 ft. tall (I shit you not) is disgraceful and short-sighted; it's as if there's some upper hand to be gained over the "A-Rabs" if we get this godawful thing up fast enough. "Let's stuff the American fist of high-steel up bin Laden's ass, 'Merica!" Since we all know that American culture leaves no room for emotional clarity and true expressions of public grief, there's no time like the hastily-considered present to toss together a half-assed memorial to almost 3,000 people who were ground to a fiery, colloidal dust in an asbestos-filled plume of immolated jet-fuel.