Monday, April 10, 2006

Spillover effect

Concluding a trilogy of cinema-themed posts, why hasn't (or by now, hadn't) the success of 2004 brilliant Zak Snyder remake of "Dawn of the Dead" result in a greater rainmaking for its two dynamic leads, Sarah Polley and Jake Weber?

They proved themselves more than capable of anchoring a speedy, hectic action movie, which, I might add, made an ASSLOAD of cash. Sure, no one came for the leads, but once you sat down in the chair and started watching, weren't you glad they were there? Polley's had the chops for years, and "Dawn..." was better than her last big-budget go-around in "Go." Weber is a bit-part guy who's cemented a bunch of projects with decade of solid character work (I first saw him in HBO's otherwise scabrous "Mind of a Married Man," where he was intriguing as the caddish Jake Berman) -- this was his largest project to date.

Sure, Weber is holding Patricia Arquette's soiled bathrobe in NBC's "Medium," but whubout his big payday? And Polley's upcoming slate looks fairly obscure (as befits her career M.O., frankly). Hell, even Ving-effin-Rhames barely got a bump -- what'd he score, "Kojak?"