Thursday, April 06, 2006

Showboat Grandstand Hour

In that whole Zaccarias Moussaoui trial thingie happening in Virginia, they're deep into the sentencing phase of the trial. So, listen to this: In order to give context to the jury about the offense Moussaoui is being tried about, his involvement in 9/11, the Fed brought Rudolph Giuliani to the bench to describe the tableau that day.

Because, lest we forget, Giuliani is the sole "Keeper of Fear and Stink-Ash" when it comes to 9/11, and no one should ever attempt anything 9/11 related without Giuliani's input. And more importantly, why was this testimony even necessary? Is there someone in the same time zone who doesn't quite remember what happened that Tuesday morning? The naked presidential ambitions of our former mayor are pungent and unsavory.